Available Courses

All trainings can be tailored to individual programs and specific or current needs in regards to length of time, content and depth. They follow my philosophy of a coaching style of training. They are delivered in an extremely interactive manner with a conversational delivery style. Rates available on request.

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Supervision and Leadership Trainings

  • Transitioning into your new supervisory or leadership role

  • Blossoming into a more effective supervisor

  • Coaching skills for supervisors

  • Progressing from manager to leader

  • Leading to excellence: Not settling for services “just good enough”

  • The art of constructive confrontation

  • “Games” played in the supervisory relationship

  • Defining supervision in a professionally packaged way

  • Ethics and supervision

  • Effective and honorable leadership in challenging times

  • The art of delegation for supervisors

  • Strategies to value the supervisory session

  • If I could supervise my supervisor: The art of managing upward

  • Interviewing skills to hire: Developing a professionally packaged interview

  • Understanding and balancing the “power” in the supervisor relationship

  • Foreseeing, understanding and navigating the pitfalls of being a new supervisor

  • How to supervise a “superstar”: Supervising the highest common denominator

  • Managing change in changing times

  • Building successful teams and infusing the agency mission and values into the program

  • The many facets of building healthy supervisory relationships

  • Professionally Packaging your communication skills as a supervisor

  • Strategies for retention of your “best and brightest” employees

  • “Organizational politics”: Developing strategies to navigate them successfully and not lose your soul in the process

  • Facilitating effective and efficient meetings

  • Inter-generational supervisory relationships

  • Supervising during Covid-19 times 

  • Preparing a professional exit strategy: Leaving your program/organization in a good way (This course can also be used to help your staff leave in a good way)

Multi-Disciplinary Trainings

  • Understanding the concept of “cultural appreciation” 

  • Understanding and practicing the art of Motivational Interviewing

  • Finding your professional groove: Developing excellent time management skills

  • Understanding the real “Money in the Bank”: Building therapeutic relationships with children and families

  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation skills

  • Safety when home visiting and in the community

  • It is not all about behavior: Understanding the impact of trauma

  • Beyond cultural diversity: Moving along the road to delivering culturally competent services

  • Avoiding power struggles with children

  • Establishing professional boundaries and enhancing your professional image

  • Managing stress and burnout prevention

  • E-mail professionalization and courtesy

  • Facilitating effective and engaging trainings

  • Building your “professional package”: A conversation about professional presentation, growth and development

  • The importance of delivering excellent “customer service”: Who are your customers? 

  • Enhancing your professional writing skills

  • Basic understanding of mental illness

  • Strategies for “self-care” to take care of yourself and maximize work performance

  • The ABC’s of residential child care

  • Working overnight shifts in residential care

  • Working with youth in care: Moving from “Control to collaboration”

  • Understanding domestic violence

  • Learning to make the most of your supervision: “If I could supervise my supervisor I would….”

Multi-Day Courses

I have developed and have been delivering a series of multi-day courses for agencies or individuals who want to engage in intensive and on-going supervisory and leadership training. There are currently four three days courses. Many agencies have chosen to rotate all their supervisory/management staff through these courses to develop a common supervisory philosophy and techniques for their programs. 

  • Professionally Packaging your Supervisory Practice: This training provides a published definition of supervision as a working models and addresses all the basic tasks of a supervisor.

  • Staff Development, Crisis and Change Management: This training helps a supervisor understand staff development of employees from recruitment to wen they leave the agency. It also addresses crisis management and chance management.

  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors: This training will help supervisors understand the concept of coaching, and practice a variety of coaching skills to enhance their practice and improve staff development.

  • The Next Step: Refining your supervisory and leadership skills and moving you career forward: This training will focus on helping supervisors enhance their leaderships skills, develop positive ways to navigate “organizational politics” and prepare for upward growth.

Keynote Speeches

I am also available for Keynote speeches on a wide variety of topics. You can find a list of previous Keynotes and topics by going to my resume under Keynote presentations.