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I have known Frank Delano since 1983 when he worked as a line staff in a New York residential treatment facility. At that time I was the assistant director. I was able to recognize his talents and to promote him to a management position at which he was a shining star. His knowledge, professionalism, passion and commitment are unsurpassed. Frank later went into training and though I work across the country from his base I have been able to contract with him several times to work with my staff, both line and supervisory. I have recommended him to many others and will continue to do so. His demonstrated qualities working in the trenches have stayed with him as he teaches. In fact, teaching might be the wrong word to describe what he does. He really engages people and uses the old social work premise of “beginning where the client is at”. My only criticism of Frank is the name he has chosen for his business- that being “Professional Package Trainings” With Frank you don’t get packaged training. You get an experience that engages the audience and is completely responsive to it. He is the best trainer I have seen or heard in my over 50 years in the profession.

Sil Orlando, CEO of Optimist Youth Homes  /  Los Angeles, California

I have known Frank since I first became a supervisor in 2017. I have attended a number of his trainings and jumped on the opportunity to receive individual professional coaching from him! Frank provided a customized coaching package that not only met my needs, but far exceeded my expectations for professional coaching. He worked with me to identify my goals and areas for growth in my leadership skills. At each meeting I felt supported and challenged! Frank coached me to step outside my comfort zone as a leader, to think outside the box, and to challenge the staff that I supervise to help them reach their highest potential. Not only did I see tremendous growth in myself after working with Frank, but my supervisors and supervisees also recognized it! It was great to hear feedback from my staff that I was challenging and supporting them in new ways! Time spent with Frank is invaluable and I would highly recommend him as a professional coach! 

Melissa Hardisty, Associate Director  /  Family Services' Center for Victim Safety and Support

It was such a pleasure having Frank join us in Australia. Adopting a relational and hands-on approach to training, Frank easily engaged our staff through conversation and participation. Frank is certainly a leader in the field of child and youth care supervision, which is evident in his training style and his ability to understand and learn from others. His well-rounded background and international experience is invaluable and he left our staff feeling motivated enthusiastic about this area of their work. I would welcome Frank back to train our staff any day.

Simon Walsh, CEO Allambi Care Ltd  /  Newcastle, Australia

The Astor Early Childhood Leadership Team relies heavily on our work with Frank to continue growing and becoming a more cohesive group. Frank’s format of facilitating discussion, rather than lecturing, leads to a richer collaboration and a reminder to consider everyone's perspective. Frank’s trainings are thought provoking, honest, and realistic. Our team walks away with tangible tips, tricks and language that relates to our day-to-day work. We are a stronger team because of our work with Frank!

Kim Tsoubris, Director, Astor Early Childhood Program  /  Poughkeepsie, New York

I have been friends with Frank for almost 5 years now. We first met at a training of his that I attended in Camarillo, California. It was one of his series trainings on supervision in 2014. I believe I may have stuck out like a sore thumb because of my pesky “thought provoking” (as he calls them) questions. It was then that I noticed some of his characteristics of which include patient, humble and supportive. I am a lucky person to have struck Frank enough for him to have considered keeping the dialogue going with me... we often spoke about a common interest of culture. Because in March 2016, he asked me to do a cultural competence (now referred to as Cultural Appreciation in our trainings) with him in New York. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow through with my commitment to that training but Frank was so understanding and forgiving that he gave me a second chance and invited me again to train with him in New York in May 2018. We’ve been training together since then! It’s been a delightful road thus far. He always delivers on his remarks of “your wish is my command” and although an adjustment at first, it has truly become a pleasure to train alongside Frank. Frank is not only my friend and colleague but my mentor as well. He is a man of honesty, integrity, care, thoughtfulness and consideration. He holds and applies such strong values of hard work and never settling for anything less than a high standard of excellence in his work. I have learned so much from him and look forward to continuing to learn from him.

Noor Almaoui, Universal Ethos Inc.  /  California

Frank has been a friend, mentor, and business partner since 2005. Frank’s facilitation skill is unparalleled. His skill set is broad as he not only creates superior training curriculum, but also facilitates a highly interactive course, and leaves an unforgettable message that transforms organizations. His professional package concept fundamentally changes organizations; he uses this change as a catalyst improve client services. Frank finds the common human experience and can effortlessly engage child care providers, facilities staff, and executive directors in the same course in the same room at an equally high level for each. I’ve have witnessed him take the “difficult to engage” learner and transform them into a professional learner. He uses his power as an international phenom, to promote a standard of excellence in the field that many have forgotten.

Jill Shah  /  Austin, Texas

Sitting through TCI trainings with Frank allowed me to learn the tricks of the trade in child care. Out of all the phrases that I have heard over the years, nothing comes close to “Money in the bank”. As the field has changed over the past 20 years, this phrase has stayed consistent as the first time I heard it. I’ve have used it at the start and still use it 20 years later. That teaching tool has allowed me flourish and has been a part of my teaching tool when I was a trainer.

Leonard Grassi, Child Care Worker  /  Staten Island, New York

I have known Frank for ten years and have sought his expertise repeatedly as a trainer and consultant on supervision and creating a professional workplace environment. His expertise and personable teaching style are unparalleled. He inspires his clients to elevate their level of professional practice, engaging in dialogue and sharing methods to improve supervision and create mutually respectful workplace relationships. My colleagues and I were inspired and profoundly changed by his training.

Hamra Ahmad, Director of Law and Policy at Her Justice

I have had the pleasure of working with Frank for a number of years. I have witnessed his down to earth demeanor and ability to make information accessible for each person. He has a passion for teaching others and loves to be challenged. He is someone who believes in active learning and the power of engagement. No one can get bored in a training by Frank, it just doesn’t happen. He truly is able to share his wisdom from a lifetime of lived experiences in order to help people on their professional journeys. He is a true gem and I am honored to have been trained by him and alongside him.

Okpara Rice, CEO, Tanager Place  /  Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Over the last couple of years I have had the occasion to attend training and conference presentations delivered by Frank Delano and Noor Almaoui on topics such as supervision and diversity. I have been impressed by their skills in imparting knowledge to participants and the inclusive and interactive nature of their workshops. Indeed, on several occasions I have commissioned Frank and Noor to help meet an identified training need in my work place, all of which were well received.

Dr. John M. Digney, National Training Director  /  Ireland

I think that the trainings are all great. I enjoy the fact that the groups are so diverse. We not only have people from different positions and levels but also people from different organizations and agencies, you are able to make to trainings fit everyone. Because Jill and Frank are able to tie each person’s comments and experiences to the trainings, no one is left feeling as though a particular training did not apply to them or was not helpful to them in some way. Everyone, regardless of where they are in their career, can always use tips on professionalism.

Melinda Garcia, Labor Relations Specialist  /  New York

Frank has the ability to make a training feel less like a training and more of a conversation, yet at the end of the day, you realize how much you learned! Today I pulled out my notes from the training Frank did for my agency 5 years ago. His PowerPoint and information still resonated.

Joan Siegel, Chief Medicaid Officer, Good Shepherd Services

I first met Frank during his training called “The Art of Delegation”, which I highly recommend. His style and material resonated with my vision for my own professional development. As a leader looking to hone in on my management skills and always looking for opportunities to improve, I asked him if he was available for coaching. It’s very important to me to include coaching and professional development opportunities during supervision with my teams. Frank empowered me with language, tools, and strategies that allowed me to see an improvement in my team’s performance, a higher quality of supervision, and built my confidence to lead my department. I am very thankful for his support, ability to unpack challenges, and validate my experiences. Coaching with Frank has been transformative for my career.

Iberia Calix  /  Los Angeles, California

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